Payment Processing

Fast & Efficient

Professional Management of Payment Flows

An integral part of your company is the professional management of your accounts and your payment flows. Liquidity planning plays an important role and therefore it’s management is very important. We support you in having an easy access to your accounts and ensure a reliable and fast execution of your payment orders.

A convenient way to manage your accounts is the payment platform provided by Harbour & Hills Financial Services Ltd. Just log-in and check the executed payment orders, download the account statements or check the monthly account analysis.

Reach the Destination Fast: Cross-Border Transactions

Payments are part of everyday business for companies and Harbour & Hills Financial Services Limited can support you by processing your payments through the global SWIFT network.

The SWIFT network covers more than 200 countries and provides a secure transfer process for cross-border transactions. This will add value to your business from a cost prospective and make sure that your payments arrive in time. There is no need for your own SWIFT infrastructure, you can use our payment platform to enter into the world of SWIFT.

Your Benefits

  • Tailored Pricing
  • Processing Payments with Different Charging Options
  • Online Account Information
  • Monthly Account Analysis
  • Customer Service Desk