Online Services and IT Security

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IT Security

H & H gives high priority to IT security and data protection. With a highly committed team of security experts, we keep an eye on ever growing threat of cyber security and work tirelessly to protect your financial information with the help of innovative technologies and solutions.

Authentication Policy

  • H & H provides you with a unique user name and password for first time login. User name and password is created by the system and all the information is saved in encrypted format. Users need to change the password just after first login. There is a strong password policy in place.
  • To fight against ever changing threats, H & H keeps working on its authentication policy and makes regular changes in it.
  • To enhance the security, we use two-factor authentication.

Data Protection

  • We keep all the sensitive information in encrypted format.
  • We use secured connection (SSL) to transfer data to and from server. The closed lock before the website address in your browser and https:// indicates that the page content you are viewing has been transferred in encrypted format.
  • Any sensitive information such as cookies or sessions on the browser have been kept in encrypted format.
  • We disable any such activity on the browser that can pose threat to the data protection.
  • Authorization policy is in place.
  • Session gets log off automatically in case of inactivity for a certain period of time.
  • We keep monitoring the data protection policy and update it time to time.

Unauthorized Transactions

  • We have provided facility to the users to create their own authorization matrix.
  • Authorization checks are in place to track any unauthorized account/transaction activity.