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Whether you want to pay vendors and suppliers worldwide, your employees overseas or any other payment, we’ve got it covered for you. With your H&H multi-currency account, you can pay and collect from across the world. The account lets you settle payments in 146+ currencies, worldwide.

The H&H Benefits

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Quick Transfers

Low Fees

Brilliant FX Rates

Multi-Currency Account

Direct SWIFT Affiliation

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International USD Clearing

Simplified Global
Payment Processing

We are a business too and we understand the challenges you face. So when you open an account with H&H, our in-house smart routing systems access the right networks and execute secure payments while providing optimum currency conversion rates. In short, we facilitate end-to-end seamless payments in any-to-any corridor at super low fees - because we understand business just like you!

The H&H Benefits

Faster Payments

Digital Account Management

Secure Account Setup

Monthly Account Analysis

Customised Pricing

24*5 Support

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