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Headquartered in Hong Kong, Harbour and Hills Financial Services Ltd emerged as a fintech company in 2010. Harbour and Hills is a registered money services operator, licensed by the HK Customs and Excise Department. In Australia, Harbour and Hills Financial Services Pty Limited is registered with Australian Securities and Investments Commission. We primarily facilitates cross-border payment processing for business clients. Currently, We have offices in
Hong Kong, Australia and India.

We have a direct SWIFT affiliation, and our own BIC,

The Harbour and Hills Mission

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To be the most trusted fintech enabler for our partners’ global money movements and management by leveraging our expertise and geographic reach

To seamlessly integrate with businesses locally, empowering them to be mobile globally.

To power any to any currency from any to any corridor, across the world.


We are a family where trust and respect stand above all else. We respect our clients and uphold their trust through our transparency, integrity, accountability and security of our systems and performance.

Customer Happiness

Our customers trust us to enhance their business the best. Their happiness and success is our success.


Regular’s boring. Regular’s expected. We aspire to create the new regular, and move on to another new... be it our product, features, technology or what lies ahead. At Harbour and Hills, we believe in ‘well tried’ over ‘better safe than sorry’.


Life is too short to not enjoy what we do. We are a bold bunch of doers who have fun even while pushing our boundaries. Here, the joy is contagious. It spreads beyond work - to our homes, our societies and this world! In our own little ways, we make this world a better place.


Rahul Tripathi

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

A business leader with over two decades of rich experience in the FX and Payments business, Rahul is equipped with a sound understanding of Payments, Compliance, and Technology, along with a keen eye for what drives companies and markets across the globe.

With a "never give up" attitude, Rahul has been driving global business for over the years across all the major continents, with a vision to offer Bank-like services being a non-bank Financial Institution.

He is the steering force behind powering our partners across the world. His dynamic approach and exceptional business growth skills reflect his constant pursuit of exploring new opportunities and partnerships.

Outside of H&H, Rahul spends his time identifying innovative tech gadgets and watching historical documentaries.

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